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Port Mathurin

Port Mathurin is the largest city, port and capital of Rodrigues in the north of the island. During the day the town is lively, with a friendly vibe, and there are bustling markets, numerous churches, fine restaurants, and stunning cultural attractions to explore here. Of the colonial era buildings still standing, one of the oldest is ‘La Residence’ built in 1897 as the modest home of the then British Chief Commissioner. The site is now used as function rooms for the Regional Assembly and is closed to the public.

North Region

The north of Rodrigues consists of the regions of Port Mathurin, Oyster Bay, Baie Malgache and Grand Baie-Montagne. Port Mathurin is the largest city, capital and a working sea-port. There are a number of attractions here, including vibrant markets, restaurants, churches and cultural attractions. The villages of Port Mathurin include: Anse aux Anglais, Baie Lascars, Camp du Roi, Caverne Provert, Creve Coeur, Jeantac, Point Monnier, Port Mathurin Harbour, and Terre Rouge.

South Region

The south of Rodrigues consists of the regions of Port Sud-East and Rivière Cocos. These are some of the most popular touristic areas on the island. From the region of Port Sud-Est and its villages of Montagne Malgache, Mourouk, Pompee, and Port Sud-Est Village, there are a number of adventure and water sport activities available. Wind and Kite surfing are especially popular in Marouk, as well as diving and snorkelling to glimpse the amazing coral reefs and tropical fish.

Central Region

The central region of Rodrigues consists of Lataniers-Mont Lubin, Mangues-Quatre Vents and Petit Gabriel. Despite the low elevation of the country as a whole, the central region of Rodrigues is fairly mountainous with many popular mountain hiking trails. The highest peak of Rodrigues is Mont Limon, in Lataniers. Other notable villages in the Lataniers-Mont Lubin region include Citronelle, Grande Montagne, Mont Lubin, Orange, Palissade Ternel, Sygangue and Vangar.

East Region

The East region of Rodrigues consists of Coromandel-Graviers and Roche Bon Dieu-Trèfles. The villages of Coromandel-Graviers include Coromandel, Montagne Cabris, Nouvelle Découverte, Patate Théophile, Petit Gravier and Trois Soleils. The region is particularly picturesque with some of the most stunning beaches and coves, with trails that run along this stretch of coastline, allowing access to the secluded inlets.

West Region

The west of Rodrigues consists of the regions of La Ferme, Piments-Baie Topaze and Plaine Corail-La Fouche Corail, and the islets of Ile aux Cocos and Ile au Sable. All visitors will enter the country via the west of the island as the Sir Gaetan Duval airport is located here at Plaine Corail. Close to the airport in Plaine Corail-La Fouche Corail are the villages of Cascade Jean Louis, Citi Patate, Anse Quitor and Petite Butte.


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